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Today, many conflicts are resolved through alternative methods to court proceedings. Unfortunately, most of the crew member contracts today have an arbitration clause in them. An arbitration clause requires the parties to arbitrate any disputes arising under the contract. The contract may specify the number of arbitrators (usually one or three) and who they will […]


General Maritime Attorney Before the Jones Act, the General Maritime Law was created from court decisions that determined the rights of seamen. This is also commonly referred to as “Admiralty Law” and is used to govern all offshore questions, injuries, and other offenses. This law provides additional remedies for injured seamen and their family members. […]

Maritime Attorney

If you’re the personal representative, surviving spouse, parent, or dependent relative of someone who has died at sea or near the water, you might consider a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages for your loved one’s fatal accident. General Maritime Law applies to wrongful death claims of both maritime and non-maritime workers (i.e., cruise passengers, […]

Wrongful Death

Have you or a loved one been attacked, molested or raped on board a ship during an ocean cruise? If yes, you need to contact an attorney now. There have been many instances where cruise passengers have been assaulted and/or raped by a member of the crew. Most of the sexual assault cases have involved […]

Sexual Assault

Oil and Gas Industry Injuries Often, clients come to us after suffering injuries on jack-up drilling rigs and oil platforms, diver injuries, and helicopter injuries, in addition to those who were hurt on a boat, ship, or other vessel. There are four very important things you must know if you were injured offshore working with an […]

Oil and Gas Industry Injuries