{With your whole life laid out for you to live only once, you don’t want to waste it on a single listless dream

{With your whole life laid out for you to live only once, you don’t want to waste it on a single listless dream

Scripps Pier Fine Art Sunset La Jolla Beach California! Colorful Pastel Clouds Sunset! Nikon D810 Epic Landsape Seascape Ocean Photography. AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Nikon! San Diego Sunset!
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{Just so you know, there is no oil company that will hire you without good grades and a physical. You have to perform impressively on all counts otherwise they ditch you. Sometimes, you even have to go the extra mile for an added degree. But it’s all worth it.|All that pain, all that stress; all that self-denial, hard work, and sacrifice might eventually get to pay off at the end of it all when you do get that offshore job you have pinned for since you got into college. They pay you so much for it that you’d start to wonder if you were dreaming. And that would only be the beginning. An offshore job is just the real deal.}

{Offshore oil drilling rigs are isolated installations, sometimes so far out to sea that for weeks and months on end you may have no other human contact save the faces you see every day. I tell you, that can be extremely psychologically strenuous to put it mildly. If you can’t handle it, you really don’t want to apply.|To be successful working on an offshore oil drilling rig, you have got to be one tough human being. You need to work well under pressure, work well alone, and work well on a team. That’s why they do so many tests before they let you in: they want to know if you are really that tough.|Only the very best in their fields get offshore oil drilling jobs. They start the recruitment process by looking at your qualifications, all the way up to you persona and character. When they piece these things together, they had better find one impressive human being. If they don’t, you get to go back home – good for you.}

{The many individuals who successfully get employment to work on offshore oil drilling rigs need to have been prepared for it all the way. Sure, they put you through that incredible physical test before they let you in, but that is only the final frontier. You need to have won the internal battles long ago to even get there.|Even after you have passed all their tests and gotten the employment, before you are ever allow to get on an oil drilling rig, they train you. Think about it: you have been through the worst of conditions to qualify, yet they still train you. It has got to tell you something about what the work conditions are like on the rig. Those jobs have got to be something.}

{The kind of people that they need to work on offshore oil drilling rigs are people that are independent in nature. Never mind. If you are not, they’d find you out sooner or later before you yet employed. There’s just no beating that system.|If you will work on an offshore oil drilling rig, it will be in your own best interest to have no issues being away from your loved ones. You see, that thing is bound to happen a whole lot from time to time. In actual fact, it might just happen all the time. You will get to see them only during your times off. You had better get used to it already. The sooner you can get over it the better for you and for… well, your loved ones too.|For extended periods of time while on the offshore oil drilling rig, the weather may be bad. Sometimes you may not even be able to do that blissful work that is supposed to be so tough to do. Can you handle that? Because if you can’t you shouldn’t be applying for such a job.}