what was unimate used for

By 1959 the first robot prototype was developed - the Unimate #001 - and Engelberger immediately set out to convince top American manufacturers in the automotive industry of its benefits. The first Unimate was installed in a General Motors plant in 1961. In recognition of his invention of the industrial robot, George Devol was Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame® in 2011. Unimate was the first industrial robot ever created and patented. "The first Unimate prototypes were controlled by vacuum tubes used as digital switches though later versions used transistors. Unimate is an ongoing research collaboration between Robert Gordon University (RGU), Aberdeen, Scotland and the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT), Sri Lanka. Rigid ABS plastic base. Variable punching margin control from 2mm to 6mm. Unimate is an industrial robot created by George Devol. Thanks to the Unimate, robots now are widely used in factories that manufacture products like cars. Rigid cast alumunium handle. Sketch of a Unimate robot. By 1996, the Unimate was being manufactured worldwide. The purpose of this study is to develop a digital intervention (app) aimed at enhancing students’ educational experience and wellbeing. The patent begins: Rebecca J. Rosen August 16, 2011. Terms used Diecasting Unimate weighed 4,000 pounds and was able to lift objects that weighed up to 500 pounds. General Motors was the first to take interest, installing the Unimate #001 on its production line at its Trenton, New Jersey die casting plant that same year. Unimate was the first industrial robot, which worked on a General Motors assembly line at the Inland Fisher Guide Plant in Ewing Township, New Jersey, in 1961. UNIMATE UNI1000 250-Sheet Binding Machine . A manufacturing engineer was assigned to do something with the specification, but he passed it on to suppliers who might be interestedFoMoCo did not have the vision to recognize the robots potential in assembling car bodies until much later. The robot was used to work on the General Motors assembly line in New Jersey. Unimate robots were the world's first successful industrial robots. It cited the importance of making general purpose machines to simplify tasks and can be used in a diversity of applications. The Unimate got the attention of the VP of Production, who proclaimed that he could use thousands of them. Its job was to weld die castings onto automobile bodies, an otherwise dangerous task for human workers. Punches up to 10 sheets of 80gsm paper. Unimate was built by Devol and Joseph Engelberger’s robot manufacturing company, Unimation. Significance. It was invented by George Devol in the 1950s using his original patent filed in 1954 and granted in 1961 (U.S. Patent 2,988,237 ). These rugged programmable units were designed to perform repetitive, arduous and hazardous tasks. Devol’s Unimate robot was conceived from a 1954 patent which introduced automation in the manufacturing industry. George Devol revolutionized manufacturing with his invention of the Unimate -- the world's first industrial robot. Punching life cycle: more than 11000 times (10 sheets at a time). Binds up to 250 sheets of 80gsm paper. One of the original models of the robotic arm can be found at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. This is the first Unimate ever used on an assembly line. Home & Office use. The Unimate robot paved the way for today’s automatic production lines in many industries. Unimate: The Story of George Devol and the First Robotic Arm. It was installed at the General Motors plant in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1961 to unload a die-casting press. Furthermore, the Unimate not only paved the way for industrial robots, it also paved the way for a new industry: robots that can do any service for humans. The units, designed by Unimation Inc., could perform tasks in manufacturing facilities that were difficult, dangerous, or monotonous for human workers. ABS plastic housing. With the calendar leaves showing 1961, the Unimate 1900 series became the first robotic arm to go into mass production for factory automation, and approximately 450 Unimate began to be used in casting plants in a short time.

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