Cruise Etiquette

Cruise Etiquette

A cruise ship is just like a small town or village. And if everyone wants to get the maximum benefit from their cruise holiday, it’s important to observe certain rules of social conduct. So here are seven rules of cruise etiquette that will help you and your fellow passengers to make the most of your vacation.

1) Be Quiet: These days, some of the largest cruise ships are home to as many as three or four thousand people at the same time. And these people are all living in close proximity to you. So please, don’t slam your cabin door. It’s totally unnecessary and will disturb hundreds of passangers.

2) Be Respectible: When you’re on board a cruise ship, make sure that you’re properly dressed at all times. This means dress smartly when in public areas of the ship and don’t walk around wearing next to nothing.

As a general rule, just imagine that you were back home. If you wouldn’t dress in that manner to go to a restaurant or the casino or the swimming pool, then don’t think that you can get away with it just because your on a cruise ship. Yes, I know it’s your temporary home, but it’s also the temporary home of two or three thousand others.

Also bear in mind that there will be many different nationalities and cultures on board who may have dramatically different views on what is and what is not respectable. So make sure that you follow the on board dress code at all times.

3) Be Sensible: You’re on vacation and you want to have a great time, but don’t go crazy with the amount of food or drink that you consume. Nobody likes a drunk and nobody wants to see someone vomiting because they’ve overeaten. And you’ll miss much of the enjoyment of your cruise if you spend your time feeling ill or in the ship hospital with an drink related injury.

4) Be Considerate: If you’re not happy with a certain aspect of your cruise, take your complaint to the appropriate member of staff and leave it there. Don’t spoil everyone else’s vacation by going on and on about everything that irritates you.

So, you’re expectations haven’t been met! That’s no excuse to bore everyone else with endless stories of how your toilet won’t flush and how your toast was cold three mornings ago and how the weather isn’t as good as it should be. Register your complaint and let everyone else enjoy their holiday.

5) Be Generous: Most of the staff of cruise ships are low paid. The general idea is that the tips they receive from passengers will top up their income. So make sure that you’re generous with the tips that you give.

On many cruises, gratuities are automatically added to your on board account. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tip the people who have looked after you during your vacation. So if you get good service from certain memebers of staff make sure you show your appreciation

6) Be Discreet: So you’ve done well for yourself. You’ve got a diamond encrusted cufflinks and a wad of money to waste in the casino. Good for you, but the whole ship doesn’t need to know about it.

Not only does it make you seem like an obnoxious swine, but if people see that you’ve got valuable possessions, you’ll attract the wrong type of attention. Oh yes, crime is just the same at sea as it is on land. Human nature doesn’t change just because you step onto an ocean going hotel.

7) Be Patient: If you want to enjoy life on board most cruise ships, it’s important to be laid back and patient at all times.

For example, at certain times of the day, getting access to the lifts can be a potential flashpoint. You’d be amazed at the number of nasty scenes that arise out of people waiting to use the lifts, especially when they’re going to eat or see a show. So learn to enjoy waiting, or if you’re able, why not work off some of the gourmet food and take the stairs.

You’re on vacation, so what’s the great rush!