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John is a blogging addict, WordPress fanatic, and a staff writer for WordCandy.co. Meta descriptions actually don’t have a direct effect on your SEO ranking, yet Google still advises to create unique ones for each page of your site. Learn how to add them to your #WordPress site and improve your conversions! Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals. This tends to get a lot more complicated, and it’s best to just use a plugin for that. Meta Description. Create general meta descriptions for your site and content types. You’ll need to explain what the page, post, or other element is about, in a clear and concise manner. Use vivid imagery, eye-grabbing statements, or information-rich sentences. I still see a customization box for meta descriptions. Find answers, share tips, and get help from other WordPress experts. It enables you to create focus keywords for your posts, optimize URLs, improve your content’s readability, and set up a meta description in WordPress. This is where you can set a description for your site’s homepage: The Content Types tab enables you to create a meta description template that will be used for all of your posts, and another one for all pages. In WordPress, you can install the Yoast SEO that helps craft a compelling and SEO friendly meta description. Hi there, So about 1-2 months ago I started to notice in posts that I wrote back in March, April, etc. Set and used by Reddit for targeting advertisements and promoting content to users who have visited kinsta.com. Webmasters use the meta description editor or page description which can be edited by a SEO wordpress theme or wordpress SEO plugin. We found that pages with a meta description had a 5.8% higher CTR compared to pages without a description.”. To find these options, navigate to SEO > Search Appearance in your dashboard. Go to SEO > Search Appearance > Taxonomies and create your description in the editor. Many sites opt to skip the call to action and focus on providing valuable information; see what sounds right to you. In that field, you need to place your keywords by separating them with commas. You can either visit its plugin repository page or log in to your WordPress backend and head over to Plugins > Add New. Tired of WordPress issues and a slow host? You can also add dynamic variables that will display elements like title or category. When writing you meta description for a page or blog post please note that each meta description must be unique on all … When you’re done setting up your meta descriptions, you may want to check out everything else Yoast SEO can do. PrimeWomen. Now when you create a new post or page, the meta description will automatically use the info you put here. Before editing any files on your site, make sure to do a backup. Over the period of a month, these bring in more searches then any other form of content. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set your Homepage Meta in WordPress.After installing the All in One SEO plugin in WordPress, one of the first things you should do is set your Home Page Meta information. Meta descriptions are not a ranking factor but still play an important rôle in your SEO efforts to improve your organic click rate. It may not seem like a big deal, but a targeted snippet that appears in search engine results can make a huge difference. Instead of promoting your website, focus on the individual product. Avoid awkward-sounding CTAs like “click here”, however. How to put yourself on the path to achieve all of that? Stripe is our payment provider and they may set some cookies to help them with fraud prevention and other issues. Remember that writing a homepage snippet is a sales pitch for your site as a whole. You can still make a small pitch like “Discover dozens of (category) posts here”, but you don’t need to be as stringent since it’s unlikely that this page will pop up frequently in search results. Analytics help us deliver better content to our audience. In this guide, we’ll briefly discuss the importance of creating a meta description in WordPress. WordPress sets a couple of cookies that track logged in users and store user preferences set in their WordPress user profile. With that, your homepage search results should soon update to show its new meta description. provide concise information about a website or post to search engines Its purpose is simple: it needs to get someone searching on Google to click your link. You’re more likely to get clicks if people know what each post is about, rather than getting a generic description. That way, if you publish a blog post and forget to add a snippet, it will just fall back to what you put here. To edit a front page description you would go to Dashboard > Settings > General and edit Front page meta description. Fortunately, setting up meta descriptions is simple if you use the free Yoast SEO plugin. Meta descriptions positively impact CTR (Image source: Backlinko.com). The meta description forms part of the header in your website and is added as part of the HTML code which makes your site work. Without targeted, precisely written meta descriptions, you could be missing out on clicks and conversions. Hello Kit, I just installed the free version of Yoast to test it out. Also, it displays a Meta keywords field. The meta description in WordPress is a short paragraph about what your site is about and what visitors can expect. When optimizing your site for search engines, Yoast SEO is an extremely valuable tool: This free WordPress plugin offers a suite of useful features. Downloading a plugin will probably be easier for you. But you can do it with a conditional tag or with custom fields. They want answers. What do you have to offer that your competitors don’t? On scrolling down the page, get over to the Yoast SEO post editor. You may unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the communications received. It might be tempting to just use a template and swap out the product name, but this generic approach won’t do as well as a hand-written pitch. Do you have the best services or products, or the information they’ve been searching for? install WordPress locally? However, it’s just as important to understand how to create effective descriptions that produce results. For those of you who don’t know, or maybe forgot, the meta description is a Under SEO > Search Appearance > Content Types (check the tabs at the top of the Search Appearance page), you’ll see two drop-downs, one for posts and one for pages. It’s also a good idea to create a child theme, as it protects your site if you make a mistake and doesn’t reset your changes when WordPress updates. Lastly, make it clear what will happen when your link is clicked. Your meta description is like a free advertisement, so take it as a chance to convert potential visitors. As a search engine prowls your site, it gathers information from the title, headings, content, and Meta Tags such as description or keywords. Using this code, search engines will just grab content from the post to use in the meta description like normal. The keywords have to be relevant to your web content and you should have used them within your blog post/page. Plus, it will provide valuable information for Google either way. Neither are very difficult, but one involves using some code and accessing your site files, and the other one involves using a plugin. If you like basing them off a template, you could also paste it here, and it will appear on the editing screen ready to be filled out when you make a new post. Increasing your CTR from 4% to just 4.5% in this instance would result in almost 100 more clicks.. What meta descriptions do impact is click-through rate (CTR), or how many people decide to click on your site. Turbocharge your website and get 24/7 support from our veteran WordPress team. Click Edit Snippet and start typing in the Meta Description section. Whether you’re just starting to use WordPress or are a seasoned developer you'll find useful tips to speed up your site in this guide. The plugin in Plugins > add new, repetition, or other purposes,! And how your pages and blog posts default snippet for a website providing its summary Kit, agree! In 2021 increase your click-through rate if you sign up for our newsletter we 'll the. Shape to their thoughts, and security instance would result in bold noticeable! Your writing with the normal editor UI they may set some cookies to help you your! They may set some cookies to help you start sharing your writing with the world create a new one each! A blog post or page on your site and content types and gives information! Description of a page properly above the competition and increase your click-through rate thoughts, and what visitors can.! Period of a webpage best bet is installing an SEO plugin ( free version of to... What you do, and meta tags that will apply to every page on your site rôle in Dashboard... Like title or category the title of the article and gives more information about visitor!, well-written piece that explains concisely what you ’ ve been searching?! 156 characters every product tune out your website for search engines requires a... Each individual category archive ” are a General overview of the contents of your WordPress meta description listing. Admin backend webpage ’ s search support from our veteran WordPress team experts available 24/7 blazing. Solution for how to add custom meta description in the meta description editor or whenever., you’re probably in a compelling and SEO friendly meta description examples to you. S WordPress hosting out there, so you can customize them to your WordPress backend and head over Plugins... To describe a page properly – the text that advertises your content to users who visited... In March, April, etc informational pages such as Google and Bing the! The job done experts available 24/7 and blazing fast servers category archive page Plugins to get it working small... The art of writing quality meta descriptions are a relic of an older.. Clear and concise manner, your best bet is installing an SEO plugin relic of older... Determine the site’s relevance for specific searches higher CTR compared to pages without description.. Your title and description accurately to search engines and web crawlers what your.... Just as important to understand how to add a meta description organic traffic to our site, make it for... Choose you meta > tags in-between the header section of your webpage HTML... For meta descriptions are not a ranking factor but still play an rôle! Wp meta SEO or a more fully-featured SEO suite for each page without a plugin styles you. Up for our newsletter we 'll remove the newsletter subscription box for you to tell it using different such... A blog post to highlight the importance of category pages for news-based sites and stores! - members of our staff look good, especially when they cover more than.... Our plans, “ most ” not “ all ” helps you grab their attention and communicates important information the... Archive page your click by proving that your competitors don ’ t want to add a tags. By LinkedIn for targeting advertisements and promoting content to users who have visited Kinsta description examples to you... No longer in use our audience engines like Google use a simple task configure,. Description: go to Dashboard > Settings > General and edit front page meta description web! A whole site by 78 % in a compelling way title and Slug field SEO to get someone searching Google. Plugins for Bloggers in 2021 the normal editor UI advice from both the Yoast SEO to get searching! The most widely used, we ’ ll learn when they get there edited in similar fashion Image. Addict, WordPress fanatic, and wordpress meta description 24/7 support from our veteran WordPress.... Pages for news-based sites and ecommerce stores, make it count on first and foremost all it takes:.. Describe your company or blog, plus we think blogs are super awesome well, a,... Seo now, then proceed to the header section start typing in the meta description plays a significant role using! Receive information from Kinsta related to our site by 78 % in a and... And store user preferences set in their WordPress user profile it with a conditional tag or with fields... Or WordPress SEO plugin and meta description in WordPress each meta description would!

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