Deep Sea Diving: Jobs as a Commercial Diver

Deep Sea Diving: Jobs as a Commercial Diver

Whenever people hear the words scuba diving, they will
often think about tourists on some exotic tropical
country having a lot of fun exploring the underwater
world. However, you have to consider the fact that
scuba diving is not just a recreational activity. In
fact, in deep sea diving or commercial diving, you
will see that there are a lot of career opportunities
that one can enter.

For example, because oil companies are now tackling
oil reserves in the ocean, they will need deep sea
divers or commercial divers to help out when it comes
to getting the job done. Commercial divers are very
important in oil rigs. If something goes wrong with
the rig underwater, they will call on commercial
divers to fix the problem.

Commercial divers are a special breed of divers. First
of all, they have special training and attending a
special kind of scuba diving school. Here, they are
taught how to handle state of the art scuba diving
equipments as well as other underwater tools that are
needed to get the job done.

They are also trained to weld underwater, handle high
explosives and also taught how to handle dangerous
situations, such as nitrogen narcosis and
decompression sickness.

Commercial divers should also be in a very good
physical condition. Besides, working in an underwater
environment is a lot more stressful than working on
surface. You will be plagued with strong underwater
currents that can easily drain ones strength, and
commercial divers will also need to deal with working
in poor visibility.

The dangers are also there. Decompression sickness,
nitrogen narcosis and underwater predators will also
be a danger in this kind of work. Also, accidents can
happen if commercial divers are not careful enough.
This is why extensive training is required before you
can become a commercial diver. In fact, commercial
divers are even taught about diving medicine and how
to treat different ailments associated with diving on
very deep waters. Also, because you will handle and
operate machineries and handle hazardous materials,
you will be open to very dangerous situations.

Although there are dangers in deep sea diving or
commercial diving, you will see that the rewards in
this kind of job is very much worth it.

First of all, in commercial diving with oil companies,
you can expect to get a great pay. In fact, even when
you are new, you will be able to have a chance to earn
60 to 100 thousand dollars in a year. And, you will
only be working 8 to 9 months every year.

Aside from the pay, you will also be able to travel
the world. Wherever there is an oil rig owned by the
company you work for, you can be sure that you will be
able to go there. Just imagine, from the coast of the
United States to the waters of Asia, you will be able
to dive there. If you love scuba diving, there is no
better job than commercial diving. You get to travel
for free, and you get paid to dive.

As you can see, deep sea diving has its perks.
Although the dangers are there, you will see that
accidents are rare. This is because commercial divers
are highly skilled professionals that are trained to
do their job perfectly. So, if you love scuba diving
and you want to make a living out of it, being a
commercial diver for oil companies is the job for you.